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Through shared experience they help guide our entrepreneurs & startups.

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Our mentors represent some of the best local and national talent around. Drawing on years of industry and entrepreneurial experience, this group regularly lends their expertise to those New Orleans founders working with The Idea Village. Below is just a sampling of our ever-growing mentor network.

Paige Arnof-Fenn

Founder & CEO, Mavens and Moguls

Mike Azzano

Owner, Cosmo PR

Jonathan Bannet

CEO, Factor 10 Group

Taylor Beery

Principal, Beery Advisors

Eric Blue

Principal, RLMcCall Capital Partners

Peter Bodenheimer

Partner, FlatStack

Patrick Brennan

Advisory Services Manager, trepwise, LLC

Beckie Buff

Brand Director, KREWE du optic

Ben Cappiello

CSO & Founder, Bioceptive

Jack Carrere

Principal, Carrere Consulting

Paul Christmann

Software Engineer, Oseberg

Kirk Coco

CEO, NOLA Brewing Co.

McKenzie Coco

Founder, FSC Interactive

Bret Collazi

Senior Analyst, HR&A Advisors, Inc.

Patrick Comer

CEO, Lucid

Craig Cordes

CFO , Cordina Frozen Cocktails

Christa Cotton

Senior Account Executive, Trumpet

Brian Danos

Chief Information Officer, Archon Information Systems

Helen Dietz

President, Stanford Investment Group

Nicole Dillard

Advisory Services Director, trepwise, LLC

Joel Dondis

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer, Sucre

Tereson Dupuy

IDEAsessions Mentor, The Idea Village

Katy Evans

Principal, KBrand

Brendan Finke

Co-founder, ChapterSpot

Sally Forman

Owner, MS Communications

Kevin Gremillion

Managing Director, Windward Strategy

Chris Groh

Marketing & New Business Manager, Kutchins and Groh, LLC.

David Hall

VP, Revolution Ventures

Adam Hansen

Cloud Program Manager, Rackspace

Maureen Huguley

Owner, MS Communications

Shuchi "SK" Khurana

COO and Co-founder, Bioceptive

Chris Laibe

CEO, Staffinsight

Lisa Lloyd

President, Lloyd Marketing Group

Chris Mangum

President & CEO, Servato Corp.

Jessica Manley

Founder, JCM Group

Brent McCrossen

CEO, Audiosocket

Kristen McEntyre

President, Director of Operations, Tutti Dynamics

Joe McMenemon

Co-founder, ChapterSpot

Jen Medbery

CEO, Kickboard

Jason Nicosia

CMO , Commit Change

Patrick Nguyen

Former Founder & CEO, Luxor

Ron Ondechek Jr

Private Equity Investor,

Kenneth Purcell

Founder & CEO, iSeatz

Rand Ragusa

Co-founder, SVP Business Development, Better Day Health

Kevin Ryan

Managing Director, Ryan Group

Chris Schultz

Founder, Co-founder, Voodoo Ventures, Launch Pad

Will Scott

Owner, Search Influence

John Sillars

Marketing Professional, CPG Industry

Neel Sus

CEO, Susco Solutions

Sara Thomas

Senior Associate, Maven Ventures Growth Labs

Corey Tisdale

CEO , ShoppersChoice.com

Neil Turner

Founder, adverCar

Robbie Vitrano

Co-founder, Trumpet + Idea Village + Naked Pizza

Hannah Walker

Marketing Director, IMOTO Photo

Kevin Wilkins

Founder & Managing Director, trepwise, LLC

Dave Wilson

Marketing and Sales Executive, UPS

Scott Wolfe

Founder and CEO, zlien

Kennan Yilmaz

Portfolio Manager, GE Capital