The Idea Village


“I loved everything, to be honest. The entire Idea Village Staff was awesome. The sessions and the speakers were phenomenal and had so much to offer. I was able to expand my network with the addition of some great fellow entrepreneurs. The entire NOEW experience definitely lives up the hype. New Orleans grows stronger from all that Idea Village does throughout the year for the entrepreneurial community.”
NOEW 2013 Attendee

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience leading up to and during NOEW. Everyone I came in contact with had a positive influence on me and has encouraged me to continue my hard work. It is something I will never forget. I’ve made new friends and I will cherish them for the rest of my life.”
2013 Big Idea Entrepreneur

“He (Tim Williamson) inspired our audience with excellent ideas and insights that Japan could learn tremendously from and apply, particularly in regard to Japan’s recovery from 3.11 disasters. His profound experience and passion in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem encouraged our audience to the positive direction. For example, after his program in Sendai, one student commented, ‘I thought entrepreneurs had to do everything themselves.  Now I realize the importance of having a network to assist with things you can’t do or may not be good at.’  Another remarked, ‘It is so encouraging to see how New Orleans has recovered when our community is struggling with the aftermath of a disaster as well.  I never imagined the role entrepreneurs could play in disaster recovery before.’”
Tatsuo Hayakawa, US Embassy in Japan

“We were so energized by the impressive ecosystem of entrepreneurs and the community around them in New Orleans. Engagement and support from leadership at all levels is making a difference and working very well here. We’re excited about expanding our partnership with The Idea Village.”
Mary Himinkool, Google’s Head of Global Entrepreneurship

“The Big Idea challenge [during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week] is truly a testament to the tremendous amount of work that has been done to make the New Orleans an entrepreneurial hub, and the potential that has yet to be reached.”
Martin Roth, Co-Founder, Giftmeo

“New Orleans is now becoming known as the city that embraces business and creativity. The energy displayed by all who attended and participated in New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2012 is reverberating throughout the country and showing the rest of the nation how a city once considered closed for good has become a laboratory for innovation, change, entrepreneurship and creativity. We invite all entrepreneurs to come to New Orleans to launch their next big idea.”
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

“I have seen firsthand how New Orleans has evolved into the city we see before us today: committed to building our economy through the development of talent and the support of innovation. I believe this community is at a critical tipping point – we have gone from thinking, “what if it fails?” to “what if it works.”
Bill Hines, The Idea Village Board Chairman and Managing Partner of Jones Walker

“New Orleans is a special city and now entrepreneurs have a collaborative network to start and grow their ventures. National investors are starting to take notice of this strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.”
Jim Coulter, Founding Partner, TPG Capital