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The Advocate

4/26/2014 - "Bridging the funding gap"

The rising interest in starting businesses is clear in the growing numbers of people drawn to events such as the recent New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. The sixth annual “festival” for aspiring business owners drew some 5,200 people — a 60 percent jump from 2013 — to participate in workshops...

4/22/2014 - "New Orleans Entrepreneur Week attracted 5,200 participants, meeting expectations of a new record"

As organizers expected, the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week business festival this year attracted more participants than any other time in the event’s six-year history, reaching 5,209 individuals during the March rally for entrepreneurs and their supporters.

4/22/2014 - "With turnout growing for NOEW, Idea Village looks to get the city more invested"

With their attendance expectations met for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2014, which drew a record 5,200 people to its seminars, speeches and business pitch contests in March, the business festival organizers at The Idea Village are looking to redefine how progress looks for their programming and...

New Orleans CityBusiness

4/22/2014 - "‘Entrepreneur season’ sees record crowd"

New Orleans’ entrepreneurial community had its most successful “season” yet, with a record 6,104 people participating in various events from July to March, according to The Idea Village.

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Innovator of the Year Award

by Downtown Development District of New Orleans

These awards are presented annually to recognize exceptional accomplishments of the people and places that inspire, innovate and integrate the Downtown NOLA brand into their Downtown neighborhoods.

The Idea Village team received the Innovator of the Year award for their development and execution of the 4th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, which culminated in the inaugural Big Idea pitch extravaganza.

2012 Nania Award

by Tulsa Partners

This award is to be given to someone who has done outstanding work on the national stage to build disaster-resistant and sustainable communities.

The Idea Village and Greater New Orleans Foundation received the Nania award in recognition for the Water Challenge, a nationally replicable model for fostering entrepreneurial innovation on issues related to water management and natural hazards.