The Idea Village



6th New Orleans Entrepreneur Week: March 22-28, 2014

NOEW, the culmination of The Idea Village’s annual Entrepreneur Season, has become the premier showcase event for the New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem. Over 4,000 local individuals registered for the 2014 Season’s educational, consulting, and capital programs – and NOEW 2014 engaged more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, businesses executives, prominent investors, and MBA students through 88 innovative events.

Additionally, 70 New Orleans-based startups were showcased in 16 capital competitions for venture, angel, and seed funding during NOEW 2014, a 28% increase in featured ventures from NOEW 2013. A product of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, these companies represent a number of diverse industries including food, water, digital media, technology, education, and arts. 

The 7th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week will take place in March 2015.