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IDEAinstitute: Protect Your Assets: IP Law 101 for Entrepreneurs

From Calendar: 2014 Entrepreneur Season

Location: The Idea Village, 515 Girod St, New Orleans, LA 70130

From: January 23, 2013 at 3:00pm to: 5:00pm


This session will address the protection of various types of assets, including intellectual property and other forms of assets. We will first focus on how to identify technology that may be patentable—that is, how to identify the inventive concept—and examine the follow-on steps needed to complete the patentability evaluation. We will then review the benefits to be gained from technology license agreements and development agreements as well as non-disclosure agreements and consulting agreements. The critical provisions of a typical IP license agreement relating to exclusivity, field of use restrictions, ownership of improvements, royalty payments, indemnification and termination will be examined. During the break-out session, we will look at critical insurance coverage—your first line of defense against losses and claims by third parties—and the provisions of agreements with parties you deal with that will minimize these risks. We will also focus on ways to protect the integrity of the entity that serves as your liability shield.

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